Congratulations! You've been invited to take part in the music selection process for an upcoming event. Before you login, you will need the Event Date & Password which you can obtain from the event host (or bride and groom). As you begin, there are a few important things to keep in mind;

  • When prompted enter your name. Requests with fictitious names will be removed. The event host will be able to approve or modify your requests. 

  • Every attempt is made to play guest music requests, time-permitting

  • Thompson Entertainment reserves the right to discard requests due to inappropriate content or if the genre does not fit the event demographics.

  • Guest requests are limited to 5 song requests per person per device.

  • You will be able to add comments to your requests for purposes of dedications, instructions or special announcements. Every attempt is made to honor these.

  • You can view requests made by other requests, how many other guests have requested the same song, view our Top 200 most requested songs and more.

  • When finished, click on "Submit Requests" to save your music requests.

Event hosts! Manage your details and music list.  Click Here

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